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Orex basic conditions - currency programs

Basic Forex Terms: Forex software is a forex company with other currencies to invest in. If the transaction at the teller or bank is a sell and buy between dollars in Canadian dollars, then the so-called "spot" currency trading (the buying and selling was carried out, the note was produced). Nonsense forex trading is the buying and selling of forex trading, so there is no direct delivery of the goods, only the contract.

A small pressed volume and a regular / regular quantity handles oil purchases, the volume is liters, if the sugar is in kilograms. As for forex, its size is called a lot.

What is the volume of 1 lot?

If the world trades 1 lot \\\\ U003D 500 shares, in Forex 1 lot \\\\ U003D 10,000 currency in question, for example 1 Much USD / JPY \\\\ U003D 10,000USD and 1 part GBP / USD \ \\ \ U003D £ 10,000.

Volume 1 lot \\ U003D 10,000 is called mini bargain, why is it called small? Because in the Forex world 1 lot \\ U003D 100000 concerned currency (also called standard / regular deal), due to the great interest in Forex trading, a small trade was performed in which 1 lot \\ U003D 10,000 coins are linked.


She is responsible for currency transactions, she is supposed to do a house promotion. When you leave a house payment of C $ 30 million, which is equivalent to C $ 100 million, we get a legal contract of sale, which is the fair owner of the house, even if you only have your contract.

This deal that you can completely sell to others, for example, is for 120 million. You will get a clean profit of 20 million (120 - 100JT). The same applies to Forex, which is changing is the currency contract, for example. USD / JPY The value of a part of the contract is $ 10,000, to obtain it, we simply distribute the margin (initial payment) of $ 100. Why USD 100 USD? This is related to the excerpt discussed below.

Margin is delivered during the position and then delivered when the position is closed, as well as the previous buying and selling of the house. You send 30 million when you buy and then you continue for 120 million, when you receive 120 million, then 100 million we mean by the first seller and the seller returns 30 dinars in advance (original resources) and we start with 30 million. Capital and more than 20 million.

They change

The usage is the ratio to determine the amount of margin (down payment) required in the business, since the percentage will be doubled in the contract. Example: Efficiency 1: 200 Account Agreement 10,000 Then Used Margin (1/200) x 10,000 \\\\ u003d 50 Currency Exchange Units.

For example, open a position of 1 USD / JPY 1 lot of a small position, then buy is 10,000 USD, the required margin is 1/200 x 10,000 USD \\\\ U003D 50 USD. So the margin used is 50 pounds. For the regular account, use the contract 100,000 with effects of 1: 100, that is, the amount of 1 USD / JPY \\\\ U003D USD and a margin requirement of 1/200 USD 100,000 \\\\ U003D 1000 USD

To buy

It is accounted for in currency transactions to buy and do it if the estimated price is going to go up. In short, buy with licenses and sell when the cost is your profit, the price difference when buying and selling time.

On sale

There is a post on Currency exchange transactions for sale and this is done if the price anticipates that when the price can be canceled, you can close your sale case with fewer purchases. In short, just like shipping, we first sell a high price (borrowed) and then buy again when the price is cheap, the difference will be our profit. Read more in two ways

System and implementation

An order is to buy or sell at a specific price, but if the delivered order is "matched" or "discounted," for example, if you order to buy at 9500 and sell at the same price, then the order will be posted. As long as the request is not "matching", then the name is, but after "appropriate", place now. The resale status you already have (mail closed) can be done with your order, but with a live view (if the purchase status has been closed with sales and vice versa)

Floating loss / realized interest

When you have a buy position at 9500 and then go to 9000, your estimated loss is 9000-9500 \\ U003D -500. However, it is still possible to change the value tomorrow, raise it to 8700 or bounce back to 9700. Well, the value -500 at that time is called fluid loss (loss), if the value is positive for example the price will be either 10. 000 then The difference is 10. 000-9500 \\ U003D + 1000 called floating interest. If you decide to sell / close your position when the price is 10,000, it will be the value of +1. 000 profit (no longer floating / liquid but real / clean)